Native Americans: The Comanche

By Kristy McCaffrey             The Comanche Indians likely originated somewhere north of the headwaters of the Arkansas River in the mountainous country of what is now Colorado and Wyoming,

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Hiking Grandview Trail in Grand Canyon

By Kristy McCaffrey   View from Grandview Trail               Grand Canyon offers several access routes   from rim to river. Grandview Trail, from the South Rim, is one

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The Earth: Power Points and Ley Lines

By Kristy McCaffrey Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. ~ Henry David Thoreau   Himalaya Mountains   Mankind has long been drawn to specific places around the earth,

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Going To The Movies? Check Out The Fairy Tale

By Kristy McCaffrey Filmmakers in Hollywood have been producing movies lately using tried-and-true stories: the Fairy Tale. Two films about Snow White (Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror),

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Cannibalism in the American Southwest

By Kristy McCaffrey It’s known as the C-word among archaeologists, and often leads to bitter disputes over whether cannibalism is fact or fiction. Physical anthropologist Christy Turner, now a professor

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The Wave in Arizona ~ Amazing Sandstone Formations

By Kristy McCaffrey On a chilly December day I embarked on a hike with my dad to see The Wave. While you may envision us searching for an ocean overlook, this swell of nature exists along the Arizona/Utah

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