The Pathway Series Book 7

A Novella

Is OUt!!

A second-chance romance in the gorgeous blue waters of the Bahamas.

Dr. Missy Rembert interned at Shark Lab in the Bimini Islands when she was a graduate student, and although she decided to change her field of study from sharks to cephalopods, one thing marked her time there—a fling with Josh McKittrick. Now she’s back in the Bahamas as part of a team exploring a blue hole, and she’s stunned to come face-to-face with the only man she’s ever regretted losing.

Dr. Josh McKittrick never thought he’d see Missy again. After their brief relationship at Shark Lab went south, he was forced to put her out of his mind and work became his haven. He knew she’d switched her research focus, so he was certain they’d never cross paths. He should’ve known better, because seeing her now is bringing back all the old feelings. Missy was the only woman who had broken his heart, and he’ll be damned if he goes through it a second time.

Don’t miss an exclusive bonus story – Deep Blue Hawai’i – featuring Grace and Alec from the novel DEEP BLUE.

Dr. Grace Mann and her boyfriend, underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway, are in the Aloha State for a Galloway family Christmas. While surfing Pipe is on the agenda for the boys, Grace finds a way to get in the water with tiger sharks, but can Alec convince her to stay on dry land long enough for an important question?

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The Canary

WingS Of The WeSt SeRieS Book 9

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Coming July 25, 2023

Arizona Territory 1899

Sarah Ryan grew up in Texas digging up animal bones and potsherds, but she always dreamed of searching for the extraordinary dinosaur fossils in the American West. When a wealthy benefactress gives her the opportunity to join the team of esteemed paleontologist Dr. Allan Brenner, she eagerly accepts. But when she arrives in the wild and wooly town of Holbrook, Arizona Territory, ready to start digging, she’s faced with the very real obstacle of being a female in a world dominated by men.

Dr. Jack Brenner is looking for his father who disappeared into the Painted Desert two months ago. Assuming leadership of his father’s expedition has Jack suddenly saddled with Sarah Ryan, a young female paleontology student. When his guide refuses to let Sarah accompany them into the wilderness without a chaperone—and a colleague threatens her—Jack finds himself in a pretend marriage to protect the determined woman whose passion for paleontology was something he once possessed. But he has bigger problems than his beautiful new wife—someone has been stealing fossils and selling them illegally to collectors, and Jack fears it might be his father.

Sarah is the daughter of Logan and Claire from THE DOVE.

The Wings of the West Series Reading Order
Book One: The Wren
Book Two: The Dove
Book Three: The Sparrow
Book Four: The Blackbird
Book Five: The Bluebird
Book Six: The Songbird (Novella)
Book Seven: Echo of the Plains (Short Story)
Book Eight:  The Starling
Book Nine: The Canary (Pre-Order Now)

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I'm so happy you're here, and I hope you'll spend some time looking around. I write historical western romances and am known for my Wings of the West series - a gritty, romantic, and sometimes mystical set of books, along with several shorter works. I'm currently expanding the series - THE STARLING is now out. Look for THE CANARY in 2023.

I also write contemporary adventure romances. The Pathway Series currently has three books - DEEP BLUE (the other side of Jaws), COLD HORIZON (drama and romance on K2, the second highest mountain behind Mt. Everest), and ANCIENT WINDS (my Indiana Jones meets The X-Files romp). These books are mainly driven by my curiosity, and my goal is to give you a story with high adventure and sexy romance. Definitely the type of books I like to read! And more will be coming in the series. (P.S. This series is getting new bookcovers in 2023. Stay tuned!)

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The Pathway Series

Has new covers

I'm excited to share The Pathway Series has received new covers! They convey the tone of the books much better – romance and high adventure with a dash of suspense. Many thanks to Penny Illustrations and Sarah at Okay Creations for bringing the characters to life.

Biologist and free diver Dr. Grace Mann teams up with filmmaker Alec Galloway to make a documentary about great white sharks. But as their chemistry catches fire, deadly dangers lurk below the surface …

Two years ago, Lindsey Coulson lost her sister on K2, the second highest mountain on earth. Searching for answers, she sets out to climb the Savage Mountain, but to get there, she'll need handsome, enigmatic Tyler Galloway.

Archaeologist Brynn Galloway partners with sexy mercenary physicist Dr. Tristan Magee to track down a rare Sumerian artifact, but in the Bolivian jungle there are no barriers … least of all between them.

(Three short stories)
Deep Blue Australia
Dr. Grace Mann and Alec Galloway travel to Western Australia for a commercial shoot with great white sharks.

Deep Blue Réunion Island
Grace joins Alec on a trip to the French island of Réunion to document efforts in  relocating aggressive bull sharks from the coastline.

Deep Blue Cocos Island
Alec is hired to film Grace and several distinguished female marine scientist in the waters off Cocos Island.

(A short story)
After surviving a harrowing descent of K2, Lindsey Coulson has serious doubts about continuing her life of a high-altitude mountain climber. Ty Galloway has settled into a nine-to-five routine with his new job as editor-in-chief of Mountaineer Magazine, but the monotony is already beginning to chafe. A weekend away in Telluride, Colorado, might just open new doors of possibility for the couple.

(A short story)
Dr. Gabe O'Grady has had it bad for Jen Fairfield since they met, but their timing has always been off. When he learns she's about to spend three week tagging great white sharks with a notoriously sketchy filmmaker, Gabe inserts himself into the project to protect her. But her indifference confounds him. As he tries to rekindle the friendship she seems determined to walk away from, he must also keep her safe from one of the most dangerous predators on earth.

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The West

a romance collection

Now available

Don’t miss this collection of short historical western romances by award-winning author Kristy McCaffrey. Journey to the Grand Canyon, Colorado and more with U.S. Marshals, bounty hunters, and men trying to right a wrong, and the women who challenge them every step of the way. These previously published stories also include a brand-new adventure – The Starling and the Fox, related to Kristy’s novel The Starling.

The Starling and the Fox – New!!
San Francisco 1899
Pinkerton agent Louise Foster doesn’t like loose ends. When fugitive Walter Beckett escapes at the end of her last case, she follows him to San Francisco, but her careful plans are upended when U.S. Deputy Marshal Ian Maguire arrives. As they clash professionally, the sparks fly, and solving the case becomes the least of their problems.

Grand Canyon 1894
Elise Brumlow comes to Grand Canyon to release her father’s ashes into the mighty Colorado River. When she injures herself, Taggart Mason comes to her rescue. In a place where two rivers join, one clear and warm, the other dark and cold, Tag and Elise learn that certain forces of nature can’t be denied.

Catch A Cinder, Ella
Frank Cinder made a promise to his dying mother that he wouldn’t abandon the ranch his stepfather and stepbrothers run, but as soon as he has enough money saved, he plans to strike out on his own. Disguised as Floyd to avoid his family, Frank meets Ella McMann at a town social and immediately regrets lying to her. Can they build a future together?

A Westward Adventure
Colorado 1888
When aspiring novelist Amelia Mercer travels from New York City to Colorado, the stagecoach is robbed and her luggage stolen. Bounty hunter Ned Waymire comes to her aid, seeking to impress the independent young woman.

Lily and Mesquite Joe
Arizona Territory 1872
Lily Kingston has long loved Mesquite Joe Riordan, but when he doesn’t step forward to protest her betrothal to another man—arranged by her papa—her heart breaks. When Joe is blamed for the murder of a ranch hand and disappears, Lily knows exactly where to find him. Facing the truth of his past will test her resolve, but only her stubbornness can win his heart.

Canyon Crossing
Grand Canyon 1898
In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon with a guide, a mule, and a secret. Trailing the notorious Red Bandit, U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty suspects Annabel is bait for an ambush. Together, they test the limits of trust and acceptance.

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A Mirthful Wish

a wishing for Love book

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A Mirthful Wish is part of a multi-author series.

Coming December 14, 2023

The Thatcher-Adler feud goes back generations. Despite this, Ellie Thatcher befriended Liam Adler when she was a girl. She even managed to get a job at the Adler Reindeer Farm while in high school, the very farm that had once belonged to her family. Now, with college and a stint working overseas behind her, she’s returning home to Reindeer Pass to open a photography studio. But the feud has been reignited and Ellie and Liam are about to get dragged into the middle of it.

Liam Adler has returned to the Colorado town where he grew up to take over the family business after the sudden death of his father. It wasn’t the life path he’d planned, and now he must convince old Eustace who lives in the Buckley Cabin to sell his adjacent land to the Adlers and not the Thatchers. And his opponent is none other than Ellie Thatcher—no longer the sweet and funny little girl he remembers, but all grown-up and strikingly beautiful.

Years ago, Eustace told a young Ellie and Liam about the Legend of Reindeer Pass, where a rare Arctic reindeer herd is rumored to have lived since the first Thatcher and Adler men settled in the valley in the 1800’s. When Ellie and Liam appear before the old man, Eustace tells them he will sell to the first to see the Vaadin, the largest of the elusive female reindeer. But there is more to the legend … only the pure of heart are presented with such a gift. And to a special few, true love is granted.

When Christmas comes around, everyone has their own special wish. For some, those wishes are as simple as getting the perfect gift for that special someone. For others, those wishes are much bigger. Especially, when they wish for love. 

Everyone deserves the gift of love, but sometimes that's more complicated than it should be.

This year is different.

For those pure of heart, their wishes, even their wishes for true love, just might be granted.

Wishing for Love is a heartwarming series about Christmas wishes of love coming true for those who have the purest of hearts. If you're looking for a feel-good read this holiday season, pick up A MIRTHFUL WISH to meet the authors of this heartwarming holiday romance series and find your next happy ever after.

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Il Passero

Ali del West: Libro Tre

Già disponibile!

The Sparrow is now available in Italian. Learn more here.

Disponibile in formato eBook e cartaceo.

Impetuose rapide e antichi spiriti trascinano Nathan Blackmore ed Emma Hart in una selvaggia avventura nel Gran Canyon.

IL MERLO in arrivo. Estate 2023 (Summer 2023).

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Verliebt in ColoRado

Wings of the West: Buch 5

Jetzt erhältlich!

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The Bluebird is now available in German! Click here to learn more.

Erhältlich als E-Book und Print-Ausgabe.

Molly Rose Simms reist nach Colorado, um ihren Bruder zu besuchen. Stattdessen trifft sie dort einen Mann, der sich der Schakal nennt, und begibt sich mit ihm auf die Suche nach dem sagenumwobenen Bluebird-Claim.

Bei der Anmeldung für Kristys deutschem Newsletter erhalten Sie die kostenlose Novelle „Das Lied des Zaunkönigs“ sowie die Kurzgeschichte „Ein glänzender Penny“.

What am i currently working on?

My current goals for 2023 are:

In January, I'll be finishing SAPPHIRE WAVES, a long novella in the Pathway series starring Dr. Missy Rembert (Grace's best friend) and her reunion with an old flame in the Bahamas. My hope is to get it published by March 2023. (It's looking more like May now, but it's done!)

I'm still brainstorming COBALT SEA, the next full-length Pathway novel, featuring Chloe Mann, Grace's sister from DEEP BLUE, and her quest to decipher the language of sperm whales. I don't really subscribe to writer's block, but this plot has been stuck for a while. However, I recently had a breakthrough, so I'm hoping to get some actual writing done soon.

The next Wings novel, THE CANARY, will be out in July. I'll be cleaning up this draft from March to May.

I've joined a fun Christmas project with a bunch of authors. A MIRTHFUL WISH will be my contribution and the release date is December 14, 2023. I'll share more as this develops, but you can pre-order the book now.

The Italian version of THE SPARROW (IL PASSERO) was published in January 2023, and my translator is now working on THE BLACKBIRD (IL MERLO), with a release date this summer.

My bonus stories for the Wings series have been translated into German by my lovely translator, Anja, and they're now available. Scroll up to find the link for subscribing to my German newsletter. Once you do, you'll receive the download links.

And I'm very excited to share that THE WREN is currently being translated into French. It should be available by this summer.

Thanks so much for reading!!

New Release!! Sapphire Waves is out!!
Sapphire Waves is Book 7 in The Pathway Series, but this novella can be read as a standalone. A second-chance[...]
My Best of 2022
By Kristy McCaffrey It was a hard year. My father-in-law passed away in May. He was a man of charisma[...]

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WingS Of The WeSt SeRieS

If you enjoyed THE WREN then you might be interested in two additional stories featuring Matt and Molly. Both are available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. Sign up here to get the download codes.

I recommend that you read THE WREN first. It's permafree at all eBook vendors. Learn more here.

THE SHINY PENNY – A Wings Short Story

Christmas Eve 1878 ~ Molly Hart Ryan and her sister, Emma Blackmore, return to the abandoned Hart Ranch to visit the gravesites of their folks. While confronting the past revives a deep heartache and sadness that has long been buried, it also offers an unexpected gift.

SONG OF THE WREN – A Wings Short Novella

October 1879 ~ Matt Ryan finds more than rustlers when his cattle begin disappearing. Forced to confront an enemy he thought long gone, he must ready for a fight, but he’s never faced a battlefield like this before, and only his wife, Molly, can save him this time.