The Nighthawk

WingS Of The WeSt SeRieS Book 10

coming July 17, 2024

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Arizona Territory
September 1899

Sophie Ryan’s dream of working for a newspaper has come true. Accompanied by her cousin, Lucas Blackmore, a newly appointed U.S. Deputy Marshal, she arrives in Jerome, one of the richest mining towns in America. And one of the most remote. Although she’s been hired to report for the Jerome Mining News on education and cultural issues, she soon finds herself immersed in something more serious when she finds an enigmatic injured man in the Black Hills claiming to be an ornithologist.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Benton McKay is undercover tracking the notorious train robbing Weaver gang, and the trail ends in Jerome. When he’s injured in the Black Hills and found by a determined and beautiful young woman, he must gain her trust to keep his identity a secret. But keeping her out of trouble proves a challenge, especially with her cousin assigned to assist him. As they track down the band of outlaws, another agenda emerges—the renegades are searching for lost gold believed to have been left behind by the Spanish Conquistadors. And Sophie Ryan is determined to report on it.

Come along with Sophie and McKay as they find adventure, mystery, and love.

Sophie is the daughter of Logan and Claire from THE DOVE.

The Wings of the West Series Reading Order
Book One: The Wren
Book Two: The Dove
Book Three: The Sparrow
Book Four: The Blackbird
Book Five: The Bluebird
Book Six: The Songbird (Novella)
Book Seven: Echo of the Plains (Short Story)
Book Eight:  The Starling
Book Nine: The Canary
Book Ten: The Nighthawk
Book Eleven: The Swan (Pre-order now)


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THE SHINY PENNY – A Wings Short Story
Christmas Eve 1878 ~ Molly Hart Ryan and her sister, Emma Blackmore, return to the abandoned Hart Ranch and find an unexpected gift.

SONG OF THE WREN – A Wings Short Novella
October 1879 ~ Matt Ryan is forced to confront an enemy he thought long gone and only his wife, Molly, can save him this time.

In addition, you'll receive DEEP BLUE AUSTRALIA, a follow-up to the novel DEEP BLUE.

DEEP BLUE AUSTRALIA – A Pathway Short Novella
Researcher Dr. Grace Mann and underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway travel to Western Australia for a commercial shoot with great white sharks.

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The Wren

a 20th anniversary Special hardcover Edition

is now available

In 2023, THE WREN turned twenty years old. Thank you so much to everyone who has read and loved this story! Molly and Matt are very dear to me. To celebrate this milestone, I put together a very special edition for you all. It  includes a brand new dust jacket designed by Su at Earthly Charms and exclusive illustrations done by my daughter-in-law, Alex McCaffrey.

A 20th Anniversary Special Hardcover Edition

(Includes two bonus stories previously only available to my newsletter subscribers – The Shiny Penny and Song of the Wren)

Captured by Comanche as a child, Molly Hart was assumed dead. Ten years later, Texas Ranger Matt Ryan finds a woman with the same blue eyes.

Such a little sprite she’d once been, stirring up emotions within him he’d never expected—affection, fondness, protectiveness. Such a resolute woman she’d become, stirring … he really didn’t want to dwell on that. Nothing good would come of it.

“A rousing, spicy story of long lost love in the gritty Old West. The Wren will make your pulse flutter and your heart sing.” —Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Award-winning Deadwood Mystery Series

Copies available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and Booktopia.

Autographed copies (along with a few other goodies) available at Kristy's Etsy Shop.

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I'm so happy you're here, and I hope you'll spend some time looking around. I write historical western romances and am known for my Wings of the West series - a gritty, romantic, and sometimes mystical set of books, along with several shorter works. I'm currently expanding the series - THE STARLING and THE CANARY are out now. Look for THE NIGHTHAWK in July 2024. And I'm excited to share that there's a brand new 20th anniversary hardcover edition of THE WREN now available with exclusive interior illustrations done by my daughter-in-law, Alex.

I also write contemporary adventure romances. The Pathway Series currently has three books - DEEP BLUE (the other side of Jaws), COLD HORIZON (drama and romance on K2, the second highest mountain behind Mt. Everest), and ANCIENT WINDS (my Indiana Jones meets The X-Files romp). These books are mainly driven by my curiosity, and my goal is to give you a story with high adventure and sexy romance. Definitely the type of books I like to read! There are shorter works also available in the series, and I'll be adding a new novel in 2024 - COBALT SEA, release date TBD.

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Jetzt erhältlich!  

The Songbird and Echo of the Plains are now available in German.

Wiedersehen in Texas – Eine lange Novelle (Wings of the West Buch 6)
Fünfzehn Jahre nach VERLIEBT IN TEXAS kommen Matt und Molly einer Verbindung zu Mollys Vergangenheit bei den Comanchen auf die Spur.
Klicken Sie hier, um mehr zu erfahren.

Echo über der Prärie – Eine Kurzgeschichte (Wings of the West Buch 7)
Eine Young-Adult-Liebesgeschichte in Nord-Texas, 1895.
Klicken Sie hier, um mehr zu erfahren.

Già disponibile Kindle Unlimited

Vivi la grinta, la speranza e il romanticismo del vecchio West.

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The Wings of the West series in Italian is now available in Kindle Unlimited. Look for The Bluebird (Book 5) in early 2025.

The Blackbird is out in French!

Le Merle

Les Ailes de l’ouest, tome 4
Maintenant disponible

Hantée par une redoutable agression, Tess Carlisle se tourne vers Cale Walker, chasseur de primes, pour retrouver son padre disparu. Mais sur la terre des Apaches, pourra-t-il libérer son cœur ?

« Avec des méchants odieux, de l’action en cascade, une héroïne forte, des revirements de situation inattendus et un cow-boy sexy, le tout servi par une histoire d’amour sensuelle, cette romance historique sur fond de western a de quoi plaire à tout le monde. » ~ InD’tale Magazine

Ce western est une romance historique sensuelle qui a lieu sur le territoire de l’Arizona, en 1877.

2015 Laramie Award ~ meilleure fiction romantique dans la catégorie Western

Ordre de lecture de la série Les Ailes de l’ouest :
La Colombe
Le Moineau
Le Merle
Le Passereau – À paraître bientôt

Disponible au format numérique ou version papier.

Disponibles sur Abonnement Kindle.

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What am i working on?

My goal in 2024 is to get two full-length novels completed and published, so I'm pulling back on side projects.

First up, THE NIGHTHAWK, Book 10 in the Wings of the West series. I'll be working on this from January to May. It's currently on pre-order and will be out July 17, 2024.

I finally have a working storyline for the next Pathway novel, COBALT SEA, so once Nighthawk is finished I'll be immersing myself into Chloe Mann's work of deciphering the language of sperm whales and her prickly relationship with Nick (still working on a last name for him).

In January 2024, the French version of THE SPARROW will be out. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and newsletters for the release date.

THE BLACKBIRD and THE BLUEBIRD will also be translated to French. THE BLACKBIRD (Le Merle) will be out May 2024.

There will be more German translations! Look for THE SONGBIRD and ECHO OF THE PLAINS by mid-year.

My Italian translations will continue although are a bit delayed. If all goes well, THE BLUEBIRD will be available
end of 2024/beginning of 2025.

Your continued support as a reader and friend means so much to me.
I couldn't do this without you all!!