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What do you get when 16 best-selling authors join together to combine their favorite books for a worthy cause? 
The answer is . . . YOU’VE GOT TO READ THIS BOOK! 
Ashley Burlingame is a young wife and mom of two fighting for her life. She is in desperate need of a life-saving surgery, but the medical team won’t move ahead until the family has raised the funds to cover the procedure. We’re doing what we can to help them get there. 
This anthology includes sixteen books handpicked by the authors—our favorites of the books we’ve written. You’ll enjoy hours of reading pleasure while you help Ashley move a little closer to getting the care she must have.
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This collection includes my novel THE WREN.

The Starling

WingS Of The WeSt SeRieS Book 8

Out now!!

Colorado 1899

Kate Ryan has always had a streak of justice in her. When she decides to apply to the Pinkerton Detective Agency, nothing will stand in her way. Initially hired in a clerical position, she quickly works her way up to field agent with the help of her mentor, Louise Foster. When Louise is injured, Kate gets her first assignment and the opportunity of a lifetime.

Henry Maguire has been undercover in the household of wealthy entrepreneur Arthur Wingate. Employed as a ghostwriter to pen the man’s memoir, Henry is also searching for clues to a lucrative counterfeiting scheme. When Henry’s “wife” shows up, he’s taken aback by the attractive woman who isn’t Louise. Now he must work with a female agent he doesn’t know and doesn’t necessarily trust. And because he has another reason for coming into Wingate’s world, Kate Ryan is unavoidably in his way.

Kate Ryan is the daughter of Matt and Molly from THE WREN, and THE STARLING is the first of five novels featuring the second generation of Ryans in the Wings of the West series.

The Wings of the West Series Reading Order
Book One: The Wren
Book Two: The Dove
Book Three: The Sparrow
Book Four: The Blackbird
Book Five: The Bluebird
Book Six: The Songbird (Novella)
Book Seven: Echo of the Plains (Short Story)
Book Eight:  The Starling
Book Nine: The Canary (Coming Soon)

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I'm so happy you're here, and I hope you'll spend some time looking around. I write historical western romances and am known for my Wings of the West series - a gritty, romantic, and sometimes mystical set of books, along with several shorter works. I'm currently expanding the series - THE STARLING is now out. Look for THE CANARY in 2023.

I also write contemporary adventure romances. The Pathway Series currently has three books - DEEP BLUE (the other side of Jaws), COLD HORIZON (drama and romance on K2, the second highest mountain behind Mt. Everest), and ANCIENT WINDS (my Indiana Jones meets The X-Files romp). These books are mainly driven by my curiosity, and my goal is to give you a story with high adventure and sexy romance. Definitely the type of books I like to read! And more will be coming in the series.

I have a few exclusive short reads for my newsletter subscribers, so I hope you'll consider signing up. I usually send out an email once a month. And if you're looking to purchase an autographed print book, please check out my Etsy shop.

My work is available wide with the exception of ALICE: BRIDE OF RHODE ISLAND and ROSEMARY, which are in the Kindle Unlimited program. You can find my Wings of the West novels as well as my Pathway series at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Scribd.

The easiest way to keep up with my latest releases (besides my newsletter) is to follow me at Amazon and/or BookBub. And I'm now on TikTok, which I'm having a lot of fun with.

Stay Groovy,


Verliebt in ColoRado

Wings of the West: Buch 5

Jetzt erhältlich!

Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Thalia, Hugendubel, bücher, eBook, und osiander.

The Bluebird is now available in German! Click here to learn more.

Erhältlich als E-Book und Print-Ausgabe.

Molly Rose Simms reist nach Colorado, um ihren Bruder zu besuchen. Stattdessen trifft sie dort einen Mann, der sich der Schakal nennt, und begibt sich mit ihm auf die Suche nach dem sagenumwobenen Bluebird-Claim.

la ColoMba

Ali del West: Libro Due

Già disponibile!

The Dove is now available in Italian. Learn more here.

Disponibile in formato eBook e cartaceo.

Incrociando il vicesceriffo Logan Ryan sui gradini del Colomba Bianca, dove lei si cela sotto le spoglie di una donnina allegra del saloon, Claire Waters lo induce a credere il peggio.

IL PASSERO in arrivo. Gennaio 2023 (January 2023).

Shark Reef

The Pathway SeRieS Book 6

A Short Story

Now available as a single title

This short adventure was previously published in the With Every Beat Of My Heart collection.

Dr. Gabe O’Grady has had it bad for Jen Fairfield since they met, but their timing has always been off. When he learns she’s about to spend three weeks in February tagging great white sharks with a notoriously sketchy filmmaker, Gabe inserts himself into the project to protect her. But her indifference confounds him. As he tries to rekindle the friendship that she seems determined to walk away from, he must also keep her safe from one of the most dangerous predators on earth.

Reading Order
Deep Blue (A Pathway Novel)
Shark Reef*
Deep Blue Australia*
Deep Blue Réunion Island*
Cold Horizon (A Pathway Novel)
Deep Blue Cocos Island*
Ancient Winds (A Pathway Novel)
Blue Sage (Related Novella)
Cold Horizon Telluride*

*Short stories in the Pathway universe

Now available at Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play. Add it to your Goodreads shelf.

The Pathway Series Books 1 - 3

A Box Set

Now available

If you enjoy contemporary adventures with steamy romance, suspense, and nail-biting action, then you’ll love this collection. Join the Galloways as they document great white sharks in Mexico, climb the second highest mountain in the world, and search for stolen artifacts in the South American jungle.

The Pathway series is about women with the tenacity to achieve their dreams and the men who challenge them, love them, and ultimately champion them.

DEEP BLUE – When a photo of Dr. Grace Mann freediving with a great white shark goes viral, the institute where she works seeks to capitalize on her new-found fame by producing a documentary about her work. Underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway admires Dr. Mann and jumps at the opportunity to create a film showcasing the pretty biologist. But can he keep her safe when her passionate focus on the sharks repeatedly leads her into danger?

COLD HORIZON – Two years ago, Lindsey Coulson lost her sister on K2, the second highest mountain on earth. Searching for answers, she sets out to climb the Savage Mountain. Ty Galloway has assembled a small team to conquer K2 and welcomes the esteemed climber. But K2 is a force unto itself, as is Lindsey. Both will test his limits. Both will test his heart.

ANCIENT WINDS – In the jungle, there are no barriers …. When a rare Sumerian artifact surfaces on the antiquities market, archaeologist Brynn Galloway is summoned to Bolivia. But nothing is as it seems. Soon, she’s entangled in a desperate hunt not only for a valuable relic but also for answers to humanity that might stretch across time. And by her side is Dr. Tristan Magee, a sexy mercenary physicist with a maddening belief in space aliens.

Includes 3 full-length contemporary adventure romances. Please refer to the individual books for more complete descriptions.

Includes Additional Content
Learn about the making of the series with three informative essays written by the author.

Now available at Amazon, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play. Add it to your Goodreads shelf.

Cold Horizon

I'm excited to share that Cold Horizon has won the 2021 NERFA award for Romantic Suspense!! I'm so thrilled!! The National Excellence in Romance Fiction is sponsored by the First Coast chapter of Romance Writers of America in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Songbird

WingS Of The WeSt SeRieS Book 6

Read now!!

Join characters from the Wings of the West series in this BRAND NEW novella set fifteen years after THE WREN.

A fair in Denton, Texas, draws folks from far and wide, and Matt and Molly Ryan have come to close a horse deal while also enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation. It’s a family affair with Matt’s brother, Logan, and his wife, Claire, joining them, as well as Nathan and Emma Blackmore, and Cale and Tess Walker.

Meet the daughters of the second generation—Katie and Josie Ryan, belonging to Matt and Molly; and Anna, Sarah, and Sophie Ryan, Logan and Claire’s girls. Ranging in age from eleven to fourteen, they attempt to help a boy falsely accused of theft, but in doing so they uncover a deeper secret. And the connection may lead back to Molly’s time with the Kwahadi Comanche when she was a child.

Look for each of the girls to be featured in a future novel.

Available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, Amazon DE (English version), Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play. Also in paperback.

What am i currently working on?

A brand new Wings of the West novel, THE STARLING, is out. Yay! I'll begin working on the next one (THE CANARY) in November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for my fellow writers out there).

I'm currently writing a complimentary short story to THE STARLING called THE STARLING AND THE FOX. If you've read The Starling, then you know that the end was left hanging with Ian and Louise going after Walter Beckett. This short will wrap up that storyline. I'd hoped to have it ready by the time The Starling released, but in July I lost my beloved dog Lily (and then I promptly got very sick - grief will do that), so I missed my deadline. But I'm back to working on it, so I hope to have news shortly. I'm planning to release it in a western short story collection (with several short western romances I got the rights back to), so stay tuned.

What's happening on the Pathway Series? The next full-length novel, COBALT SEA, is still in development. I'll admit I haven't had as much progress with it as I was hoping. I've been struggling with the story while at the same time working on other projects. (It's about Chloe Mann --Grace's sister from DEEP BLUE--and her quest to decipher the language of sperm whales). At some point, I'll focus on it more. In the meantime, I'm working on SAPPHIRE WAVES (a long novella). It features Dr. Missy Rembert (Grace's best friend) and her reunion with an old flame in the Bahamas. This one should be out in early 2023!

I've joined a fun Christmas project (the target will be Christmas 2023), so I've got to do some writing on it in September and October, which is why some of my other projects will have to be set aside for now. I'm a fairly slow writer, and I need to make sure I give myself enough time to create and percolate a story.

The German translation of THE BLUEBIRD is finished and will be out August 30, 2022. I'm planning to set up a pre-order which should be live soon. The Italian version of THE DOVE is out, and I'm just so thrilled by the reader response. My wonderful translator, Rosa, is finishing up on THE SPARROW and it will be released in late January 2023.

Thanks so much for reading!!

Writing Cold Horizon
By Kristy McCaffrey I’m not a climber, but I’ve always been fascinated by mountain climbing and have followed the careers[...]
The Songbird is on Pre-Order
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THE SHINY PENNY – A Wings Short Story

Christmas Eve 1878 ~ Molly Hart Ryan and her sister, Emma Blackmore, return to the abandoned Hart Ranch to visit the gravesites of their folks. While confronting the past revives a deep heartache and sadness that has long been buried, it also offers an unexpected gift.

SONG OF THE WREN – A Wings Short Novella

October 1879 ~ Matt Ryan finds more than rustlers when his cattle begin disappearing. Forced to confront an enemy he thought long gone, he must ready for a fight, but he’s never faced a battlefield like this before, and only his wife, Molly, can save him this time.