EchO Of The PlainS

Wings of the West Book 7

A Wings of the West Short Story

Ecacusayet. Lightning flash. The renegade stallion known as Echo has eluded capture ever since he escaped the Ryan homestead shortly after birth. Seventeen-year-old Eli Ryan plans to change that. As his search narrows to the location of the horse's hideout, Eli nearly runs down Cassie Callahan in the Texas desert. Although an intriguing diversion, not even her compelling green eyes will deter him from his goal. But her stubborn protection of the legendary stallion just might steer him off course.

A sweet young adult romance set in 1895 North Texas.

Reading order of the Wings of the West Series:
The Wren (Book 1)
The Dove (Book 2)
The Sparrow (Book 3)
The Blackbird (Book 4)
The Shiny Penny (Short Story 4.1) – available to newsletter subscribers
Song of the Wren (Short Novella 4.2) – available to newsletter subscribers
The Bluebird (Book 5)
The Songbird (Book 6) – Novella
Echo of the Plains (Book 7) – Short Story
The Starling (Book 8)
The Canary (Book 9)
The Nighthawk (Book 10) – Coming Soon


“… a very sweet novella.” ~ Judy E., reader


“Have you seen a horse running wild? He's dirt-colored with a black mane, and his rump is a patch of white covered with dark brown spots–a stallion real full of himself.”
Miss Callahan hesitated and her gaze became serious. “I've seen wild horses from time to time. Why are you looking for him?”
Eli thought of Josie, lying in her bed back at the ranch, recovering from her wounds. Rather than talk about the near-death of his sister, Eli turned his mind to the horse.
“There's a legend in these parts about him.”
Miss Callahan waited.
A chill ran down Eli's spine. The horse was just a damn horse, he reminded himself, despite all the talk to turn the animal into something else–something spooky.
This story originally appeared in Love, An Anthology from Whiskey Creek Press.