The Enchanted Forest, Skiing With My Daughter, and Fun

By Kristy McCaffrey 

Elizabeth and Hannah, always having fun.
During our recent family ski trip to Telluride, Colorado, I had the opportunity, on the last day of our vacation, to hang out with my youngest daughter, Hannah, and her friend, Elizabeth. The two of them had been spending their time on the mountain on their own, enjoying their independence as only 14-year-olds can.


At the end of the trip, however, they both expressed a desire to ski The Plunge, the famous run at Telluride. A black diamond at the top and a double-black at the bottom, this wasn’t a descent for beginners. (Ski runs are rated as green, blue or black, from easiest to most difficult.) But I knew Hannah and Elizabeth had the skills necessary, so offered to take them. They succeeded in their quest, and I was happy to help them push their limits. There’s nothing like the feeling of tackling something you fear and coming out the other side successful.


I find this sign rather philosophical.
A metaphor for life?
Hannah and Elizabeth on the Plunge.
In return, they invited me into the Enchanted Forest, a trail through the trees. Honestly, it never occurs to me to engage in skiing of this sort. I’m always trying to better myself by attacking steep, mogul-filled hills. How will I get better, otherwise? Is this fun? Mostly, no.


Hannah entering the Enchanted Forest.
So I entered the Enchanted Forest, and to my surprise, that’s where fun had been hiding. Hannah and Elizabeth took such giddy delight in swooshing between trees and getting stuck on flat spots, dissolving into laughter when we all fell and created a pile-up that I found my instant of bliss at long last. You know that moment, when you’re not striving or struggling with the experience, you’re simply one with it. In that space sits wonder, and joy, and happiness.


It seems age and responsibility have clouded my “fun” viewfinder, but my daughter’s is crystal-clear. For the remainder of the afternoon, I followed her keen eyes through a magical and enchanted forest.


Who knew that the “fun” viewfinder is
located in a pair of ski goggles.


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MK McClintock says February 17, 2014

Looks fun, and the forest is beautiful. I stopped skiing years ago, but I remember the fun times my family had skiing in Colorado.

Kristy McCaffrey says February 17, 2014

Thanks for stopping by, MK. Your part of the country is beautiful as well!