Coming Soon

Coming Soon

THE CANARY will release on July 25, 2023. Pre-order now!! Click here for more info.

I'm working on a multi-author Christmas project for 2023. A Mirthful Wish is now on pre-order. Release date is December 14, 2023.

The Wings of the West series is being translated into Italian.
Now available. (Già disponibile)
THE WREN - Lo Scricciolo
THE DOVE - La Colomba
THE SPARROW - Il Passero
THE BLACKBIRD - Il Merlo (in arrivo)

In arrivo

SAPPHIRE WAVES, a novella in the Pathway Series, is out!! It features Dr. Missy Rembert (from DEEP BLUE) and Dr. Josh McKittrick, the one who got away, as they travel to The Bahamas to explore a blue hole. We'll also learn how Grace and Missy met at Shark Lab in Bimini years ago. Click the cover for more info.

COBALT SEA (The Pathway Series Book 8), starring Grace Mann's sister, Chloe, is in progress although I have no release date. Stay tuned.