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ROSEMARY (The Widows of Wildcat Ridge Series, Book 11)

Historical Western Romance Long Novella

Now available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Rating: Sweet

Can be read as a standalone story.

This multi-author project will feature a new book every two weeks starting in September 2018.

Now Available

Book 1: Priscilla by Charlene Raddon
Book 2: Blessing by Caroline Clemmons
Book 3: Nissa by Zina Abbott
Book 4: Gwyneth by Christine Sterling
Book 5: Dulcina by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Book 6: Josephine by Kit Morgan
Book 7: Thalia by Charlene Raddon
Book 8: Eleanora by Pam Crooks
Book 9: Garnet by Caroline Clemmons
Book 10: Grace by Tracy Garrett
Book 11: Rosemary by Kristy McCaffrey
Pre-Order Book 12: Clare by Kit Morgan
Pre-Order Book 13: Cadence by Charlene Raddon
Pre-Order Book 14: Diantha by Zina Abbott
Book 15: Hazelanne by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Book 16: Ophelia by Charlene Raddon

Rating: Sweet

COLD HORIZON (The Pathway Series, Book 2)

A Full-Length Contemporary Adventure Romance Novel

Lindsey Coulson likes to scale mountains. With her sister, Alison, she made a name for herself climbing the tallest and most treacherous peaks in the world. But when Alison dies on a K2 expedition—the second highest mountain on earth—Lindsey stops climbing. Unable to shed the grief over her sister, it becomes clear she must return to the wilderness, and only one place will do—K2, the Savage Mountain.

Tyler Galloway has finally secured a permit from the Pakistani government to bring an American team to K2. When Lindsey Coulson inquires about joining the expedition, he gladly brings the famed mountaineer on board. Her strong climbing resume precedes her, and she’ll be a welcome addition to the small crew he has assembled. But K2 is a force unto itself, as is Lindsey. Both will test his limits. And both will test his heart.

Rating: Steamy

Coming Soon (New release date is Spring 2019)

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