New Release!! Sapphire Waves is out!!

Sapphire Waves is Book 7 in The Pathway Series, but this novella can be read as a standalone.

A second-chance romance in the gorgeous blue waters of the Bahamas.

Dr. Missy Rembert interned at Shark Lab in the Bimini Islands when she was a graduate student, and although she decided to change her field of study from sharks to cephalopods, one thing marked her time there—a fling with Josh McKittrick. Now she’s back in the Bahamas as part of a team exploring a blue hole, and she’s stunned to come face-to-face with the only man she’s ever regretted losing.

Dr. Josh McKittrick never thought he’d see Missy again. After their brief relationship at Shark Lab went south, he was forced to put her out of his mind and work became his haven. He knew she’d switched her research focus, so he was certain they’d never cross paths. He should’ve known better, because seeing her now is bringing back all the old feelings. Missy was the only woman who had broken his heart, and he’ll be damned if he goes through it a second time.

Don’t miss an exclusive bonus story – Deep Blue Hawai’i – featuring Grace and Alec from the novel DEEP BLUE.

Dr. Grace Mann and her boyfriend, underwater filmmaker Alec Galloway, are in the Aloha State for a Galloway family Christmas. While surfing Pipe is on the agenda for the boys, Grace finds a way to get in the water with tiger sharks, but can Alec convince her to stay on dry land long enough for an important question?

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Josh reached into his pack and pulled out a packet of gummy bears.

“You still eating those things?” Missy asked.

He nodded, tearing the bag open and popping one into his mouth. It was his stress food, and if ever there was a stressful situation, this was it.

Missy Rembert. He’d come to accept that he’d likely never see her again. And now that he had, he was beginning to wish he hadn’t. He didn’t appreciate the tightness in his chest or the constriction of his throat as he sat beside her, pretending that she hadn’t completely broken his heart almost four years ago.

He was over her. He really was.

Kristy writes contemporary adventure romance as well as historical western romance. Her stories are filled with emotion and heart, with some steamy bits included. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband and their rescue dog, Jeb, an American bulldog, and she currently enjoys doting on her new granddaughter while writing her next book. She's also trying to cut back on her chai tea latte addiction. You can find her at and at kristymccaffreybooks on Instagram.

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